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(1,2)*- r^g closed sets in Bitopological spaces

Savithiri. D Janaki. C

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In this paper, we introduce a new class of sets called (1,2)*- r^g closed sets and a new class of generalized functions called (1,2)*- r^g continuous maps and (1,2)*-r^g irresolute maps in bitopological spaces. Also we obtain the basic properties of (1,2)*- r^g closed sets and (1,2)*- r^g open sets.

 Mathematics Subject Classification : 54E55

Keywords:  (1,2)*- r^g closed sets, (1,2)*- r^g open sets, (1,2)*-T^1/2 space, (1,2)*- r^g continuous and (1,2)* -r^g irresolute maps.

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