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System for Security in Cloud Computing Environment

Thota Vishnu Priya Dr. M.N Faruk

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Cloud computing enables the users to access the outsourced data from the cloud server without the hardware and software management. Data stored on a cloud service-provider’s equipment must be encrypted for data security. Encrypting data prior to storage is a common method of data protection, and service providers will be able to build firewalls to ensure that the decryption keys associated with encrypted user data are not disclosed to third party. However, if the decryption key and the encrypted data are held by the same service provider, it raises vulnerability in data security, thus presenting a risk for the unauthorized disclosure of the user data. This paper provides an unique approach/model of cryptography where crypto keys are distributed across the user and service provider with adoption of such a model mainly the CSP insider attack an form of misuse of valuable user data can be treated secured. Thus, the proposed method not only encrypts the sensitive data, but also detects the dishonest party to access the data using combined hash functions.



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