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Faster Object Retrieval with Dynamic Clustering Technique in Object Oriented Databases

Medhat Nisha G, Morena Rustom D

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Clustering means storing related objects close together on secondary storage so that when one object is accessed from disk, all its related objects which are stored on the same disk page are also brought together into main memory. The imminent accesses to these related objects are main memory accesses which are much faster compared to disk accesses. The aim of this paper is to improve the OODBMS performance by using the buffer management technique called Dynamic Clustering. This paper focuses on reducing disk IO to improve OODBMS performance. In database environment, effective buffer management of the main memory is the key in increasing efficiency through reducing the disk IO bottleneck in OODBMSs. In this paper, we propose a dynamic clustering technique for OODBMS to reduce the disk IO bottleneck and optimize its performance.

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