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A Review on Bio-inspired Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network in Area Surveillance System

Mininath Nighot, Ashok Ghatol, Vilas Thakare

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Area Surveillance System (ASS) have gained an increasing importance over last few years due to its multiple applications like under water pipelines monitoring, electricity transmission lines monitoring, public action monitoring, home security, in agriculture like water level, humidity, temperature, crop monitoring and many more. Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network (HWSN) is combination of Static WSN (SWSN) and Mobile WSN (MWSN) which plays an important role in ASS to gather data for monitoring and controlling. Complex tasks can be solved using self organization by interacting locally with individual agents without any external interference. In ASS, finding a target in unknown location is also a complex system. So, self organized Mobile Sensor Node (MSN) can be used to locate target. The main objective of this survey is to summarize the existing techniques of nature based self organization to route the MSN to locate target in ASS.

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