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Cross Layered Strategy for Back Pressure Controlled QoS Aware Routing in MANETs

K. Sunil Manohar Reddy Dr. G. Shyama Chandra Prasad

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 Mobility feature of the Ad hoc Network createe many issues in the network. Due to this feature ad hoc network does not keep any infrastructure and also tackle affects address mission of the nodes in network, which is the node’s tackle configuration. Similar to different wireless networks, ad hoc nodes also require a unique network tackle to enable multihop routing and entire connectivity. Address mission in ad hoc networksis additionally more difficult issue consideringthe self-organized nature of these surroundings, sometimes it prospects to node’s address impact in the network. It enhances the control load of the network. An additional important concern is frequency partition in the network because of fading channels. Projected system gives the possibilities to these difficulties, it offers the FAP, and it accomplishes low communication expense and low latency, fixing all addresses collisions much in network partition confluence events. When contrasted to other system it minimizes the overhead.

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