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Big Data Analytics Tools, Methods & Frameworks: A Comprehensive Review

Mukesh Shukla, Dr. P.K. Rai, Rinku Singh

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Big data refer to the collection of new information which must be made handy to high numbers of users close to real time, based on gigantic data inventories from multiple sources, with the goal of speeding up critical competitive knowledge discovery processes. Massive amounts of data have become accessible on hand to data miners which is making analysis and decision making task much more challenging and tedious. Considering the massive volume and variety of data, the analyses, predictive and behavioral exploration of situations and business intelligence workloads are beyond the capabilities of existing tools &methods. In recent years a number of Big Data tools & methods have been suggested to handle these massive quantities of data. The objective of this paper is to study and to get the in-depth understanding of the various attributes of big data science, engineering, tools &techniques. This study also analyze the several frameworks suggested by researchers and abilities of these frameworks to revolutionize knowledge discovery process for enhancing the decision making process. This objective is considered via wide ranging review of literature.

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