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The Challenges of Work Life Balance Faced by Women Entrepreneurs of West Bengal

Dr. Arunava Narayan Mukherjee*, Sumita Bhattacharya

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Now-a-dayswomen have greater level of involvement and control in all parts of their family life and social life. Women of both rural and urban areas of West Bengal, participate and share financial responsibilities equally with men for financial need, betterment of the family, running the family smoothly, maintaining the household affairs, rearing domestic animals and even extending a helping hand in rural artisanship and handicraft. Thus women play  multiple role and  find it difficult to achieve a positive work-life balance. The multiple role of the women is mostly observed in large scale being an entrepreneurs because she has to play the role of a creative employer, entrepreneurs, risk taking personality, performer of social expectation duties, daughter, spouse, mother, daughter-in-law, care-taker of dependents as well as in housekeeping activities. The main purpose of this paper is to explore the Work Life Balance (WLB) challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in West Bengal.


Key Words:  Work Life Balance (WLB), Women Entrepreneurs, Challenges

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