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A Renal congenital Anomaly - unilateral extracalyceal Ectopic Right Kidney With Multiple Aberrant Renal Vessels

Shashikala Patel*, Anshuman Naik

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 Routine dissection of the abdomen of a 63 year old male cadaver in the Dept. of Anatomy Hi- tech medical college Rourkela., revealed the presence of a rudimentary ectopic right kidney fused to the lower pole of the left, with multiple aberrant renal arteries .The ureters were normal, the left kidney (upper) had a normal pelvis while the right (lower) had an extrarenal pelvis (extra calyx). The two ureters entered the bladder normally, Right side showed empty renal fossa with an intact adrenal gland. The possible embryological causes of this anomaly have been discussed here. Even though this type of condition can be presents as a silent renal anomaly (it can be undiagnosed throughout life and revealed through autopsy or dissection) the surgical implications are noteworthy,which too have been highlighted in this report.

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