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Normal Simple Visual Reaction Time In Paediatric Age Group: A Review

Arunita Tushar Jagzape*, Vijay K Deshpande

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Reaction time can be defined as time interval between presentation of stimulus and appearance of appropriate voluntary response in a person, usually expressed in milliseconds which includes the perception time and motor time.  Typical and atypical development in younger children as well as aspects of cognitive development requires understanding of how rapidly children can process consecutively presented stimuli and simple reaction time is a simple and non invasive test for the same. Hence this review is undertaken to gather the normal Simple visual reaction time in Pediatric age group.


Databases like Pubmed and Google scholar were searched. Medical Subject heading were used for individual databases. The terms were searched using different synonyms to capture all relevant studies conducted and  only the full-texts were included. Some of the articles were omitted since they were not relevant to the title and content of the present review. Pediatric age group was considered as > 1 year to 18 years.


Six full texts relevant to the title and content were reviewed, out of which two were of India and four were international . The studies spanned the Pediatric age group from four years to 18 years.


The present review included the Simple Visual Reaction time test in Pediatric age group from 4 years to 18 years.


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