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An Approach to Pleural Effusion in SLE - A Case Report

T V D Sasi Sekhar, M. Indra Keela Indra Keela girish, K.S. Keerthi Vyas, K V V Sravya

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Systemic lupus erythematosis is a systemic autoimmune disease involving multi organ system.Patients with SLE have increased susceptibility to infections, most commonly tuberculosis with significant morbidity and mortality in endemic region.We report a case of young female presented with Breathlessness and fever.We diagnosed the patient was having S.L.E, and the cause of pleural effusion was due to T.B .It is challenging to diagnose TB in a case of SLE as they overlap with each other. Hence we publish this case as it will act as a guide in diagnosing T.B in S.L.E.


SLE,Tuberculosis , Pleural Effusion

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