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Anatomıcal Skin Dımples

M.D. Rengin Kosif

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Dimples are visiable identations of the skin and a dominant trait. Anatomically, dimples may be caused by variations in the structure of the some body tissue for example muscles, connective tissues, skin and subcutaneous tissue. Dimples types of the human body: Fovea buccalis (dimple of cheek), fovea mentalis (dimple of chin), zygomatic dimples, fossa supraspinosus (bi-acromial dimple=dimple of shoulder),  elbow dimples, fossa lumbales laterales (dimple of back), gluteal dimples and sacral-coocygeal  dimples (pilonidal dimple). Sometimes, dimples are permanently present, but sometimes not permanent. They vanish away when the excessive fat goes away. Dimples are not indicators good health.

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