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Anatomical variations of anterior clinoid process with its surgical importance.

Nirupma Gupta, Anju lata Rai

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Objective-To conduct a study on anatomical variations of anterior clinoid process and incidence of carotico-clinoid foramen to provide a guide to neurosurgeons  in surgical approach to anterior part of cavernous sinus. Methods-The study was conducted on twenty five dry adult skulls of either sex available in the Department of Anatomy , School of Medical Sciences and Research, Greater Noida, NCR, India. Variations in size , direction of ACP noted. Incidence & mophology of Caroticoclinoid foramen were also studied. Results- Mean length, basal width ,thickness of ACP on right and left side were 11.1±1.49mm,9.62±2.36, 4.65±0.62mm & 11.61±2.07mm, 9.66±1.27,4.8±0.55mm respectively. The tip of ACPs were bilaterally straight, curved, irregular in 16%,28%,16% respectively. Incidence of caroticoclinoid foramen was 24%, 20% on right and left side respectively. Conclusion- Considering the immense anatomical surgical and radiological importance of morphology of anterior clinoid process and caroticoclinoid process, this study was worth conducting.


sphenoid bone, anterior clinoid process, caroticoclinoid process.

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