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Patient Engagement in Digital Healthcare

Majid Nik Tehrani

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The American healthcare industry has been impacted by Information Technology (IT) digitization, making healthcare more accessible and affordable.  This will not be successful unless patient engagement is encouraged to advance innovative digitized healthcare.  Healthcare providers must work in partnership with the patients to ensure that the target is achieved. Digitally engaging patients does not rely on face-to-face meetings, but rather will allow for remote diagnoses and treatment recommendations.  An Infosys study (2013) indicates that a high number of patients favor electronically sharing personal health information with their physicians and feel confident that their personal medical data will not be compromised.  Many patients share personal medical information online and on mobile devices, and even use their mobile apps to communicate with physicians.  Patient engagement occurs when they understand the benefits of services offered by the healthcare systems through marketing campaigns and promotional offers.  Patients will be empowered once they are educated on the programs that allow them to manage their own healthcare, including patients who are not technologically savvy and are reluctant to use digitized healthcare systems.



Information technology, digitized healthcare, patient engagement, personal health data, patient data security

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