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Relation between Nursing Informatics Competency and Nurses’ Attitude toward Evidence-Based Practice among Qualified Nurses at Mansoura Oncology Center

Wessam Ahmed Elsayed, Farida Mahmoud Hussein, Walaa Nasreldin Othman

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Nowadays, Nursing informatics and evidence based practice (EBP) are considered an important practices in the success of patient care in any organization. Accordingly, nurses, have to establish informatics experience to effectively implement evidence based practice. The aim of this study was to assess the relation between nursing informatics competency and nurses’ attitude toward evidence-based practice among qualified nurses at Mansoura Oncology center.  Design of the study descriptive correlation study was used. Sample of the study included all qualified nurses with bachelor degree of nursing. Tools of data collection: two tools were used namely Nursing Informatics Competency Assessment Tool (NICAT) and the Evidence-Based Nursing Attitude Questionnaire (EBNAQ). Result: The result of the study showed that there was statistical significant positive correlation between the qualified nurses' total nursing informatics competency scores and their total attitude score toward evidence based practice. Recommendations: Incorporating nursing informatics and evidence-based knowledge and skills in the nursing curriculum.

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