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Effect of intervention educational program about breast cancer preventive measures on Assuit University employees’ knowledge, practices & health habits

Eman R. Ahmad, Lamia Amien, Howida Al-Fouly

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Background:Breast cancer is the top cancer in women worldwide andis increasingparticularly in developing countries wherethe majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages. It isconsidered curableif detected early and there are two major components of early detection of breast cancer: education topromote early diagnosis and screening.The aim of the study was to identify the effect of the intervention educational program about breast cancer preventive measures and breast self-examination on the level of knowledge, practices and health habits of female employees in Assuit University. Subjects and Methods:The study was carried out in six colleges representing all colleges of Assuit University e.g. Faculty of Art, Education, and Commerce as Humanities & business colleges and three from scientific collegessuch as Veterinary, Agriculture and Nursing. All female employees worked in the previously mentioned setting during the time of the study and accepted to participate were included in the study sample. Their total number was 100 female employees.Results:Most female employees had poor knowledge about breast cancer. A significant improvement after receiving the interventional program related to knowledge and practice of BSE among the study group compared to the control group and a very strong association and positive relationship between knowledge of breast cancer and breast self-examination performance among the study group compared to control group. Conclusion: A marked improvement of the participants’ knowledge about breast cancer & practice of breast self-examination. However, their consumption of daily health habits was not changed markedly. Recommendations: Strengthen outreach program to females in order to provide them with information, education and communication as well as screening services.

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