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Impact of Educational Video Film for Nurses Caring Elders Suffering From Pressure Ulcer about Applying Cutimed Sorbact Dressing On Wound Healing

Fatma Magdi, Raefa Refaat Alam, Said Zaki Hatata, Amany Mohamed Shebl

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Pressure ulcer is a serious and common health problem in critical care setting; it has been described as one of the most costly and physically debilitating complications in the 20th century. The prevalence of advanced pressure ulcer is high in older persons; about 70% occur in patients 65 years or older peaking in those between age 70 and 80 years. Most pressure ulcers are believed to be treated if the appropriate measures are implemented to maintain skin integrity by applying the cutimed sorbact dressing. Objectives: to determine the impact of an educational video film for nurses caring elders suffering from pressure ulcer about applying cutimed sorbact dressing on wound healing. Materials and Method. A quasi experimental design used in this study, the study carried in the intensive Care Units of the Specialized Medical Hospital, Emergency Hospital and General Mansoura Hospital in Dakhalia governorate, the study subjects included in this study are 76 elderly patients and 69 nurses. Three tools were used in this study namely; Structured interview schedule sheet, Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing, Video Film about prevention and applying cutimed sorbact dressing. Results: There is improvement in wound healing of pressure ulcer after applying Cutimed Sorbact dressing compared to the usual dressing. Moreover, the nurses became more knowledgeable after the educational video film concerning caring of elderly suffering from pressure ulcer. Conclusion and recommendation: This study concluded that the elderly patients suffering from pressure ulcers when applying the Cutimed Sorbact dressing intervention faster wound healing and free from bacteria than those who receive usual dressing, moreover, the nurse's knowledge improved after displaying the educational video film program Also, it recommended using the cutimed dressing in treatment of pressure ulcer as aresult of  his fast effect on wound healing.

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