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Medicinal Chemistry As Foundation For Contraception, Birth Control, Family Planning, And Fertility

Kurt Kraetschmer

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On the background of a vast, ever-increasing literature on family planning, birth control, and  contraception, the paper aims to provide accurate and reliable information on  the scientific basis of such research.  The methodological concept of the paper consists in a discussion of  knowledge in the areas of chemistry and biochemistry and its relevance for the advancement of insights into the mechanism of action of  substances pivotal in hormonal and non-hormonal contraception.  The study  concludes that present-day  publications on contraception contain incomplete, inaccurate and misleading information.  As a consequence, it emphasizes the need for increased cooperation among experts in medicine, chemistry, and biology. Such cooperation will  facilitate the  exploration presently unknown adverse events and  long-term effects.  In addition it aims at clarifying the  hitherto neglected  topic of safety of contraceptive drugs and devices.

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