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Strategies to Promote Health in North American French Jewish Immigrants

Balkys L. Bivns, Rosemary F. Hall

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Anti-Semitism in the form of violent acts is on the rise in France and throughout Europe. These incidents and the looming threat of targeted violence are leading to the outmigration of Jewish individuals in France to Israel, Canada, and the United States. The health impact of this migration on individuals of the French Jewry who are now residing in the United States has not been studied. This paper will propose and address the need for culturally tailored nursing strategies to make a positive impact on the health, well-being, and lives of these individuals. Additionally, the writer will discuss the challenges faced by these new immigrants, how acculturation may be impacted by economic status, and how specifically focused nursing care can impact the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social well-being of these individuals in their new home (or host country).

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