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Determination of Quality of Life and Affecting Factors in Pregnant Women

Nuriye ERBAS, Gulbahtiyar DEMİREL

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Background: The physiological and psychosocial changes in pregnant women can affect the quality of life. Increasing the quality of life of mother and infant in pregnancy is important to prevent some risks from occurring


The research was conducted to measure the quality of life in pregnant women and examine the factors related to quality of life.


The sample of this study consisted of 392 pregnant women who had no communication problems and who were at 10 weeks and more of gestation and who came to Sivas State Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic between April 15-May 24, 2013. The data was collected using the questionnaire form (31 questions) and the SF-36 quality of life scale. Average, standard deviation, percentage, independent two sample t-test, Anova tests were used in the evaluation of data (SPSS 14 package program) and statistical significance was examined at 0.05 significance level.


Average scores of the quality of life subscale are 54.20 for physical function, 42.85 for physical role, 35.53 for pain, 47.44 for social function, 53.27 for general health, 48.63 for emotional role, 54.29 for mental health and 54.68 for vitalness. In terms of pain subscale scores, the difference between the risky and non risky pregnants was statistically significant (p<0.05). The difference between the physical role, pain and emotional role subscale scores of the pregnancies with and without the risk of the current pregnancy was statistically significant (p <0.05). The average subscale scores for the current and the unaffected pregnancies are 33.50-48.65 for the physical role, 38.20-33.88 for the pain, and 42-52.75 for the emotional role. The average pain score was found to be 39.48 at pregnant women who were at risk in obstetric area and 34.23 at pregnant women who were not at risk.


According to the results of the research, the best health indicator from the quality of life subscales is the vitalness, while the worst health indicator is pain. The quality of life of pregnant women who have risks in the current pregnancy is affected negatively.

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