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Effect of Reflexology Training for Family Caregivers on Health Status of Elderly Patients with Colorectal Cancer

Sageda Magdy Ali, Aziza Mahmoud Boughdady, Tawfik Ragab Elkhodary, Amira Ahmed Hassnaen

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Patients with colorectal cancer experience physical, psychological and social challenges and family caregivers are usually not prepared for these new challenges. Foot reflexology is one of the most frequently used complementary therapies and has been shown to be effective for cancer patients. The aim: Determine the effect of reflexology training for family caregiver son health status of elderly patients with colorectal cancer. Design: Quasi -experimental design was used in this study. Setting: This study was carried out at Mansoura University hospital (Oncology Center). Subjects: A purposive sample of 50 elderly patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer and their family caregivers attending in the above mentioned settings within a period of six months. Tools: Six tools was utilized in this study; socio demographic and clinical data structured interview schedule, the short form (36) health survey, hospital anxiety & depression scale, memorial symptom assessment scale, foot reflexology knowledge structured interview schedule and foot reflexology training observational checklist. Results: Family caregivers' reflexology training has a significant positive effect on their knowledge and practices and on elderly patients' health status, anxiety & depression and symptoms management. Conclusion: This study concluded that, the implementation of foot reflexology training for family caregivers was successful in improving their knowledge and practice regarding foot reflexology and in improving the health status of elderly patients with colorectal cancer.

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