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Prevalence and Risk Factor Associated With Childhood under 10 Age Overweight and Underweight In Jigjiga Town

Yimer Mihretie, Ridwan Abdi Muhumed

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Introduction Underweight and overweight among children remains a serious problem in impoverished populations around the world it is estimated to be the underlying cause of one-third of all deaths of children at  the age of five to ten years

Aim and objectives: To assess the prevalence and risk factors associated over and underweight for pre-school aged (5-10) in Jigjiga town.

Methodology:Across‐sectional comparison study was conducted in study area to determine the prevalence and risk factor associated with overweight and underweight for pre-school age (5-10) in Jigjiga town.

Results: The prevalence of overweight and underweight in study area was 58% and 27% respectively also majority of precipitant  had know the impact of under and overweight 79% where know the impact and 29% where not known the impact of under and overweight those who know the impact was in terms of health, economic, psychological and social impact and their percentage where 89%,11%, 12%, 8% respectively and the staple food of their child was animal source, plant source, and both their percentage was 4%,30%, 65% respectively also their meal per day was 3-4 times per day (94%)  most physical activity that they perform was no activity  the percent was 55% and the other thing which is next to no activity was those playing different things their percent was 14most of child they spend their time  watching TV the percent was 47% lastly but not the least the rate of normal, over and underweight was 15% , 58%  and 27%respectively.

Conclusion: We are concluding the present analysis shows that overweight and underweight rates in children are increasing not just among the higher socio-economic groups but also in the lower income groups where under- weight still remains a major concern.

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