Utilización de Metodologías Activas de Aprendizaje en la Enseñanza del Uso del Calibrador Vernier o Pie de Rey en la Asignatura Metrología (Use of Active Learning Methodologies in the Teaching of the Use of Vernier Calibrator or Slide Gauge in the Subject

  • Ing. Darwin Chele Sancán y Ldo. Raúl Pesantes Rendón Msc. School of Automotive Engineering, International University of Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador Av. Raúl Gómez Lince (Av. Las Aguas) and Calle 15A.


Palabras Clave: aprendizaje significativo, metrología, pie de rey, sistema de unidades The aim of this study is to promote the application of active methodologies for teaching and learning the use of the Vernier Calibrator or Slide Gauge with the metric system (0.05 and 0.02 mm) and the English system (1/128 and 0.001). Inches) of units by means of the expansion of the scales of graduation, both of the main scale and that of the Vernier, using a sheet (card) in A4 format, ruler, grader and pencils. An introduction was made on Metrology, measurement systems and units of measurement, as well as the measurement instrument, also a proposal was made to obtain the assessment or resolution of the measurement instrument. In order to achieve the validity of this study, and to obtain a meaningful and lasting learning, active learning methodologies were used such as: cooperative work, problem-based learning and project-based learning, methodologies that allow the student to participate actively and be motivated in his training process as a future engineer through his/her proper planning of playful activities in classes, guided by the teacher, with meaningful materials and conceptually easy to understand. To finalize the study, an application project was developed, which consists of the development of a Vernier wood calibrator with their respective graduations.