Values in Corporate Governance: Ownership Values

    Supriya Banerjee Affiliation Bio
    ; Mike F Wahl Affiliation Bio


Abstract. Corporate governance differs significantly country wise by the influences of political, legal, economical & social dimensions. Nonetheless, ownership is the major component in corporate governance and it is believed that owners implement ownership strategies based on values to achieve desired results in the long run under a dynamic environment. Beside this, some research has been carried forward to understand the dynamic phenomena of corporate governance, but there is no research found which reviewed corporate governance focusing on values. Therefore, authors of this paper identified the following research problem, which is “Unavailability of corporate governance research based on values.” Based on the empirical evidence a conclusion is drawn under corporate governance to what extent values priorities reflected in owners’ behaviour and objectives. The main purpose to develop a better understanding has reached a view towards generating discussion and debate in this important research area.

Keywords: corporate governance, ownership research, values

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Banerjee, S., & Wahl, M. (2016). Values in Corporate Governance: Ownership Values. Innovative Journal of Business and Management, 5(01), 20-24.
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Feb 5, 2016
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