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Kumar Pandey *, Prabhat Pandey, K.L. Jaiswal


In this paper, we develop a heart disease prediction model that can assist medical professionals in predicting heart disease status based on the clinical data of patients. Firstly, we select 14 important clinical features, i.e., age, sex, chest pain type, trestbps, cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, resting ecg, max heart rate, exercise induced angina, old peak, slope, number of vessels colored, thal and diagnosis of heart disease. Secondly, we develop an prediction model using J48 decision tree for classifying heart disease based on these clinical features against unpruned, pruned and pruned with reduced error pruning approach.. Finally, the accuracy of Pruned J48 Decision Tree with Reduced Error Pruning Approach is more better then the simple Pruned and Unpruned approach. The result obtained that which shows that fasting blood sugar is the most important attribute which gives better classification against the other attributes but its gives not better accuracy..

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