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Ashish Saklani *, Dr.S.C.Dimri


This research paper Compares  mathematically Dynamic Routing and Static Routing.This Research paper Focuses and Examines problems that arise from the fact that dynamic routing never relies on the precise, current information about the network state.  It is a normal expectation that dynamic routing has to give better results than a static one.  However, it takes some time to collect information about the network current state, and optimization is always done with that imprecise information. This situation is examined by a complete mathematical analysis of a simple network.  We show that dynamic routing gives better results than static, as expected, but that the margin is much smaller then intuitively expected.  Further analysis shows that that minor advantage can easily be lost if there is even a small error in the dynamic routing tables, and actually dynamic routing can easily become worse than static. Quantitative analysis shows that delays in building routing tables can affect dynamic routing performance unexpectedly strongly. The conclusion is that dynamic routing should not try to adapt to traffic changes very fast.

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