Using of Birthing Ball during the first Stage of Labor: Its Effect on the Progress of Labor and Outcome among Nulliparous Women

    Rania E. Farrag Affiliation
    ; Ayat M. Omar Bio


Background: It is beyond argument that women who are about to give natural birth to their babiesneed some physical exercise such as standing, walking around, sitting, or kneeling in order to provide for the “gravity effect” that would help in speeding up the dilation of the cervix. The birth ball used to be utilized in various settings of birth and is highly considered as a powerful, secureand easy method of promoting the progress of labor and relieving pain. The current study aim sat studying the using of the birthing ball during the first stage of labor and its effect on the progress of labor and outcome among nulliparous women. The design: The quasi-experimental design was utilized. A group of 120 laboring women was included by purposive sampling technique; the study subjects randomly assigned into two equal group. Setting: The study was implemented in the maternity Unit located in El-Nabawy El Mohandes Hospital (economical part), Fayoum. Five tools have been employed ingathering the needed data; 1) structure interview schedule questionnaire, 2) Partograph, 3) Visual analog pain intensity scale, 4) State Trait Anxiety Inventory and 5) Satisfaction visual analogue scale.  The Findings of the present results revealsa high significant statistical difference between the two groups concerning the improvement of the dilatation of the cervix and fetus head descent that end in decreases duration of the first and second labor stages in the study sample. Also the sample of the study expressed less pain and anxiety score. Conclusion: the using of birthing ball throughout the first stage of labor is associated with positive effect on labor progress and outcome. Recommendation: Encourage women to use birth ball during the first stage of labor as one of the significant modalities to improve labor progress, manage pain, anxiety and attain more satisfactory birthing experience.

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Sep 14, 2018
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