Analysis of Factors Affecting Furniture Production in Denpasar City (Case Study Production Process and As Export Products)

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Nyoman Djinar Setiawina
Published Mar 15, 2018


This research entitled Analysis of Factors Affecting Furniture Production in Denpasar City (Case Study of its Production Process and As an Export Product). The research location in Denpasar City includes four sub-districts namely District: West Denpasar, South Denpasar, East Denpasar, and North Denpasar. The sample of research is 119 out of 163 population of industry sector which classified Small Industry and Micro Industry. Of the 123 samples, 58 samples from micro business households and 65 samples from small industry business households. The variables studied consist of: Manpower (HR), Investment, SDA, Capital, Raw Materials, Costs, and Technology analyzed in one model with Variable of income as dependent variable. The other variables are the quality of human resources, the number of working hours, the type of equipment, and the quality of raw materials, analyzed as one model with the net income of micro and small industry as the dependent variable.
The supporting theories of this research consists of two groups: (1). Labor theory, (2). Investment Theory; (3). Capital, (4). Cost Theory; (5). Technology, (6). Theory of Price, (7). Theory of Production, and several theories relevant to the study of this study. This study raised 2 problems as problem research. Both problems are hypothesized either simultaneously or partially. Plus one problem that is studied qualitatively so it is not hypothesized.
Outcome of this research is the discovery of the ability of small and micro industries in Denpasar City, both in conducting the production continuity and the controlling power of the international market.
Urgency This research is how small industry and micro industry effort can prepare as early as possible as producer of export product, willing to enforce Globalization of International Trade.

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