Waste Management,Energy Production and Godliness

  • Gabriel Adu-Acheampong, Dr. Robert OseiBonsu, Dr. Daniel Berchie, Edward Danso Ansong, Josiah Andor,Dr. Francis KwameTenortey Ghana


The study attempt to compare the elements in waste management and how it generates energy for beneficial use to God’s dealing with sinful human beings who may be considered as waste because of sin.

There are some people who consider themselves as hopeless before God because of their sins; others look down upon others because of their past sins.This study compares how waste is used to produce energy and recycled to produce new products to how God transforms anybody who makes himself or herself available for change. It compares the process engineer of waste to God being the Process Engineer so far as sinful human beings are concerned.

 The study also portrays the love of God for man and His power to save and make the hopeless hopeful.