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Girija Prasad Sahoo Bharat parashar


Single-unit dosage forms like multiparticulate drug-delivery systems (e.g. pellets, granules) offer biopharmaceutical advantages in terms of a more even and predictable distribution and transportation in the gastrointestinal tract. There are different pelletization and granulation techniques available to prepare drug loaded spherical particles or granules. Extrusion Spheronization is one of them and utilized in formulation of beads and pellets. Limitations related to bioavailability and site specific drug delivery can be overcome by this technique. Extrusion spheronization is widely applied method for the production of multiparticulates, like pellets and beads, for the oral controlled drug delivery system. Today this technology has gained attention because of its simple and fast processing. Extrusion spheronization is widely utilized in formulation of sustained release, controlled release delivery system. This article discusses about the extrusion spheronization process and its application in pharmaceutical industry.

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