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amna muhamad awadallah makky Amna Makky Magdy Mohamed Mennatallah Abdellatif


The aim is to design a liposomal delivery system for topical administration of tazarotene capable of providing controlled and localized release of the encapsulated drug in order to minimize adverse effects associated with its topical use. Tazarotene loaded liposomes were prepared and characterized for entrapment efficiency, particle size and stability. Tazarotene liposomal gels were formulated and evaluated comparatively with commercial gel with respect to primary skin irritation and skin permeation . The effect of vesicular incorporation of tazarotene on its accumulation into hairless rat skin from liposomal suspension and gels were studied. The results of the study showed that the maximum entrapment efficiency recorded (93.49%±0.25) was achieved by formula having 1:1 lipoid S 100 to cholesterol molar ratio. The mean particle size of liposomal formulae ranged from (5.68µm-0.72µm). The stability profile of the selected system assessed for 90 days at refrigerated temperature showed no sign of sedimentation or color change with (86.27% ±0.44) of drug retained. All liposomal suspension and gels revealed higher drug retention compared to commercial gel, lesser skin irritancy and greater skin tolerance was also observed.    

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