A survey study of 250 hypertensive patients in Jhansi (UP), India

  • Gayathri V. Patil, Rajeev Kumar Jha, Sujata K. Dass


Hypertension is the most potent force for the development of the multiple atheroscelerotic diseases that are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality.   The number of elderly patients is growing worldwide. The present study reports the results and discussion of a study comprising 250 patients over a period of three month, in Jhansi city of Uttar Pradesh.   The paper finds an array of change in life style approach along with medication, after being clinically diagnosed with hypertension.   The paper tries to also see the gender difference in hypertension.  The study suggests that since there are myriad individual approaches to deal with hypertension along with medication, it is necessary to take up larger studies to generalize these findings.
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