Nursing Students' Coping with Stress During Clinical Training At Kau


Stress could not be removed from one's life, but it can be  controlled and recognized how much it impacts .The stress might be felt in life is out of control, but it would be  always control the nature of human being responses Comparatively stress during clinical training affects nursing students wellbeing either negatively or  positively according to their coping abilities. Different consequences of stress resulted  from the interaction between stressors, reaction to these stressors, and students' adaptation to stress. The current study aimed to investigate Nursing students' coping mechanism to stress during clinical training KAU. The study followed A qualitative grounded theory design and was carried out at the faculty of nursing students affiliated to King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. All second nursing students (n=94) who studied at nursing faculty and willing to participate in the study .Data Gathering tool was nursing students' coping to stress        .which was developed by the researchers. It consist of one question .Interviews were conducted with 94 of second year nursing students. Seven themes were emerged from the interview , religious perspectives, professional attitude, recreational and social techniques, negative in rich experience, loneliness preferences, relaxation techniques, and combined coping mechanism. This study found that majority of students  adopted different coping mechanism to overcome stress during clinical training . It is very important to investigate their adopting coping mechanism to achieve their goals also reflect students‘ abilities and responsibility sense in the future as professional staff nurse.

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Feb 9, 2018
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