Knowledge as a basis for decision making: An integrative review of the health product processing cost analysis


The Central Sterilization Service Department has changed over the last thirty years and the professionals who work in this department face the challenge of the pursuit of knowledge and technical ability to carry out their activities. Among these, there is the management, which also involves controlling costs. This is an integrative review performed from September to November 2016, using the MEDLINE, LILACS, and IBECS databases to search for papers. The structure of the research question was based on the PIO anagram (patient/population, intervention, and outcome). It aimed the analysis of the scientific evidence that address the health product processing costs. Five out of 122 papers were selected and they addressed specific processing steps or all the processing in a broader way. Four points are highlighted from the studies: the preparation stage, the processing time designed, the need for training the CSSD professional for generating competence, and the attention to compliance with current legislation. The knowledge of each process cost is a need for managerial decision making. The search for knowledge and enhancement of skills helps the balance between the costs and the patient safety.

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Mar 17, 2018
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