Association between organizational climate and head nurses’ administrative creativity

Safaa Mohammed El-Demerdash, Wafaa Mostafa
PDF | Abstract 18 | PDF 5 | Google Scholar | Page No: 01-09

Professional Forces of Magnetism and Patient Safety Culture at Suez Canal University Hospitals

Alaa Mohamed Salah El-Demerdash, Wafaa. A. Elhosany, Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Hefny
PDF | Abstract 11 | PDF 2 | Google Scholar | Page No: 10-18

Relationship between Adaptive Functioning and Severity of Symptoms among Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Hanan Mahmoud Ali, Rania Rabie El-Etreby, Hala Ahmed EL boraie
PDF | Abstract 11 | PDF 1 | Google Scholar | Page No: 19-23

Factors affecting Body Image Change and Sexuality at Mastectomy Females

Azza Fouad Mohammed El-Adham, Zebeda Abdelgwad Elsherif
PDF | Abstract 103 | PDF 28 | Google Scholar | Page No: 60-75

Caregiver Experiences of Caring for a Down Syndrome Child in Saudi Arabia

Amal Salem Sijeeni, Alan Gordon Barnard
PDF XML | Abstract 96 | PDF 6 | XML 5 | Google Scholar | Page No: 76-86
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