Exploratory Factor Analysis Forthe Smes’ Exporting Activitiesin Southern Area of Vietnam

    Phan Thanh Tam Affiliation Bio
    ; B.ANguyen Thi Bich Thuy Affiliation Bio


Vietnam has been joined into Word Trade Organization since 2007 and therefore the country needs to take into account a lot of international trading framework but it also brings higher opportunities to explore other markets. Since Vietnamese Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs)are leading industry in term of exports, SMEs have to focus on strengthening their knowledge in term of trading performances. However, there are not so many studies that have been conducted to investigate how export activity responding to its antecedents in Vietnam. Thisstudy showed that there were 200managers of SMEsrelated toSouthern Area of Vietnam whointerviewed and answered about 21 questions but 188managers of SMEs processed. Data collected from 8/2016 to 11/2017forthe managers of SMEs of Southern Area of Vietnam. The paper had been analyzed KMO test, Cronbach's Alpha and the result of KMO analysis which used for multiple regression analysis. Managers of SMEs’ responses measured through an adapted questionnaire on a 5-point Likert scale (Conventions: 1: Completely disagree, 2: Disagree, 3: Normal; 4: Agree; 5: completely agree). Hard copy and online questionnaire distributed among 10.000the SMEs of Southern Area of Vietnam. In addition,the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) results showed that there were fivefactorsaffecting the SMEs’ exporting activities of Southern Area of Vietnamwith significance level 5 percent. The research results processed from SPSS 20.0 software.
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Tam, P., & Thi Bich Thuy, B. (2017). Exploratory Factor Analysis Forthe Smes’ Exporting Activitiesin Southern Area of Vietnam. Journal of Business Management and Economics, 5(12), 01-07.
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Dec 4, 2017
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