Clash Of Values And The New Profiles Of Albanians In An Endless Transition


The paper “Clash of values and the new profiles of Albanians in an endless transition”, addresses social values that
characterize Albanian path of transition from centrally planned to market economy as well as the impact they have on
the new identity of Albanians.
Albania, one of the smallest and poorest countries in Europe, like other Central and Eastern European countries
experienced the past socialist system, which by Constitution was based on “Social Solidarity” and “Equality”. Regardless
the principles of the past regimes adopted in Central and Eastern European countries, including Albania, the socialist
system did not bring neither equality nor solidarity, therefore rather than of “social cohesion”, the differences among
social groups, later deepened.
Although Albania was the last communist country to embark on the transition from socialism to capitalism, Albanians
were eager to contribute to bring in the biggest change ever seen in their history. Despite that, the Albanian transition
has been painful and turbulent, shocked time after time by profound crisis. While the country is still among the poorest
in Europe, Albanians seem confused regarding the values they have to adopt to build a future. Rather than one identity,
we identify “three profiles of Albanians”, respectively hopeless, rulebreakers and dreamers.
This paper, by addressing the outcomes of transition in Albania, focuses on the relevance of social values inherited from
the past and their impact on the success of reforms, which undoubtedly brings in the real dilemma of transformation,
namely “the abolishment or adoption of values”. The findings and conclusions derive from the evidence based analysis
of policies, implemented during the last 20 years in Albania and the impact they had on the past, present and the
future of the country. The paper is composed of four sections in addition to abstract. Section 1 provides some basic
information on the past and the present of Albania. Section 2 advances arguments regarding the clash of values. Section
3 examines the post-socialist identities of Albanians, while the last section formulates some conclusions, responding to
the addressed questions as well as tackling the role that civic and social education of citizens would play to guarantee
that social values feed policies.

Keyword : clash of values, social solidarity, equality, social welfare, transition reforms.

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