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| Open Letter to Editor | First published: 22 May 2018 |

Complex-IV Deficiency Manifesting as Cerebral-Dominant Mitochondrial Multiorgan Disorder Syndrome (MIMODS)

Josef Finsterer
 Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung, Vienna, Austria
Sinda Zarrouk Mahjoub
 University of Tunis El Manar and Genomics Platform, Pasteur Institute of Tunis, Tunisia
Volume/Issue: Vol 8 No 5 (2018)
Page No: 03-04 | Google Scholar


Recently, Arilla et al. presented a 36 years old Caucasian female, who was misdiagnosed as a pure psychiatric disorder (somatisation and conversion disorder, maniac episode, affective psychosis, “special†personality) during years until at age 35y the suspicion of a MID was raised [1]


Issue : Vol 8 No 5 (2018)
Published May 22, 2018